About Aurora Iceland

I saw my first aurora while working on a ship far out to sea to the north of the Shetland Islands during 2003. One of the crew pointed out to me the shimmering pale streaks high in the sky, that I never would have otherwise realised was the northern lights. Although this first aurora was not particularly strong or colourful, it sparked an interest that has lasted ever since.

Since 2015, I have spent portions of the winter in Iceland. My interest in the aurora has grown exponentially over this period, with the long, dark (and often very cold!) Icelandic winter being transformed into stunning beauty each time the northern lights appear in the sky. I routinely look for the aurora on every evening that I spend in Iceland. Many nights are cloudy, but when the sky is clear then there is usually something to see – varying from a low arc in the northern sky, or, on less common occasions, explosive displays of bright colours immediately overhead. No two auroras are the same, and one never quite knows what to expect on an evening of aurora-chasing!

I developed this website to maintain a photographic diary of the northern lights in Iceland. I also wanted to provide some practical advice on how to see the northern lights in Iceland for other aurora-enthusiasts. Finally, I wanted to share some advice on how to photograph the northern lights in Iceland. Everything on this website is based on my own independent and personal experiences of watching the aurora in Iceland.

Watching the aurora on 5th December 2017.